Urgently Orange

Fifty thousand people used to live here...

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sassysatsuma replied to your post: I am a black hole. I am where all plot…


Haha. I wish. I’ve managed a grand total of 250 words in the past month. It’s killing me slowly.

If it’s any consolation I wrote about 500 words ish…

I need to like this twice.
Of course this happens when I am without the Internet

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When you start getting messages on ff.net asking you why you have stopped writing, I guess it’s time to pick up a pen again…

…and when get messages asking why you’ve stopped writing…  sheesh!

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… The fact that all the music on my CITS playlist is either angry or depressing does not bode well for this chapter. 

If you want uplifting writing, CITS is not the fic for you. 

Woohoo!  Delicious, delicious angst